Sunday, August 14, 2005

I watched this yesterday, on my pC and it was hilarious. if only real couples fought this way. the show was pretty long, and i thought all was over when they found out the truth about each other but it ended great, although a little unbelievable when they managed to shoot out the whole swat team between the 2 of them. :p Brad Pitt is of course, delicious as always, and by the chemistry he had with Angelina Jolie on this show, its no wonder his marriage with Jennifer Aniston didn't work out.. haiz....

friday evening was the stupidest thing i had ever done. i haven't had him to myself for the whole week so i decided to go to kansai airport to fetch him when he was returning from Tokyo from a day bizness trip. from the office. but the problem was that i had no idea how to go by train. so i checked the internet, it seemed easy enough and i was on the train early etc until i realised its been an hour later and i was still "on the way" there. the train was an express train and i had no idea where i was, since it didn't stop regularly so the next time it stopped, (another 5+ min later?), i realised too late that i was at another prefecture (i wasn't in Osaka anymore!!!) Wakayama 和歌山. i got off and realised it was an empty station!! horrors!! and that to reach the airport, i was supposed to have transferred trains like half an hour b4 at another station. tmD!! so confusing, how was anyone supposed to go to the airport?! it was already 10.30pm at night and it had taken me like an hour plus to have reached there from the office, so it would take 2 hours to get home in Nishinomiya.. I was almost panicking and had to send a mail to my colleague/senior (japanese) to ask her wat to do. in the end i had to wait another 15 min for the train in the opposite direction and managed to catch the last train back to the dorm. ..... what a scare.

hence i only woke up at 1pm on saturday. which ruined all our plans for the water park but it looked so cloudy we had no mood to go too. so we went for our brunch/linner at 4pm. and filled ourselves up with sushi and then we went to his place to do nothing while he checked the net for alternative living arrangements. after that, accompanied him to cut his hair (at a really high class place) and it was surprising how a person with so little hair takes over an hour to be cut. heh. after that, it was my turn when we went back. cos the salon i frequent was still open , i went to ask why my hair was turning brown after just one week and they redid my black for free. hehe.. watched Mr and Mrs Smith when i got back.. and the day ended liddat. too fast ..

today we managed to drag ourselves up at bout 9.30am, because we were both super hungry (having only eaten one meal the day b4) and had a Macdonald's breakfast b4 heading for the water park at Rokko 六甲 Island. it was actually cloudy and raining too. :( it only rains on weekends which sux and on weekdays the weather is so hot you perspire even when it's cloudy. the park was quite crowded and it was almost exactly like WildWild Wet in NTUC resort and the Jurong water park. except we(Singapore) utilised space very well by building everything in the limited space we had while the Japanese had the exact same slides/wave pools etc but had also ALOT of extra space with nothing except for people to run around. people could bring in their floats but had to pay for air to be pumped (if they wanted to), the wave pool was only half the size and very shallow (bout 1m) the locker/changing room was too small.. but overall it was fun. relaxing in the wave pool.. lying on the mat when the sun finally came out at bout 2+.. we left at bout 4.30pm to have dinner with his uni frens ..

this time, we had sushi for dinner.. DIY sushi hehe. rice in the middle, with all the ingredients laid out and u make your sushi urself, like a popiah party. the topics were mainly the same as the last time, except the kids were more friendly towards me today.. i walked in and immediately one of the little boys gave me a hug hehe.. and thank god they were quieter today too.. they (the adults of cos) were asking Ryo his plans for our future and they were all giving him advice. mmmm. but perhaps its too early to tell. :)

bah and the weekend is over just liddat .


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