Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I wanna drive this car! My favourite colour and my favourite pocket monster. What else could a girl want?

Regarding yesterday’s issues, I think we compromised but I haven’t had the chance to talk in person to him so I have no idea how he really feels (I need to see the person’s facial expression). We promised not to hurt each other again and I hope he adheres to it.

I tried to watch webcast NDP last night but guess wat.. my computer’s sound card was spoilt or something!! (at work) damn it… so I could see jerky images of Gurmit Singh and seas (scenes of a red sea) but no sound.. was so frustrated I just shut down my PC cos the streaming made the PC lag too. ARGH.

Had dinner with my colleagues at a Korean restaurant, ate mostly 焼肉 (think Seoul Garden but no soup and VERY DeliCIOUS) the meat was the smoothest meat I had eaten.. and my colleagues were happy that I brought them there cos they also agreed the place was delicious. I noticed it was only at such dinners where u chat and drink that you find out more bout each other’s personal life and you find out gossip etc. apparently my face has like lots of blemishes that will appear under the influence of alcohol when my face turns red and the blemishes becomes visible as red dots. How UGLY!! Ah well.. but we had fun last night, I guess it helped us bond as a team too.. the younger group of more fun people. Its easier to work together if you like one another definitely..


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