Wednesday, August 03, 2005

still having a blasted sore throat.. i hate these kinda things.. only the left side somemore.. argh. sweets don't seem to help and its the kind which are so painful when you swallow or yawn.. OUCH......

cut my hair last night hehe.. its now alot thinner but still as long.. and is a different colour. haha.. but its for the better.. will post a pic when i look nice hehe.. last night was nice but i looked so tired i didn't dare take a picture.. still minor headache and nightmares.

i had a weird one last nite.. i dreamt of xinhuan and how i received money that were yen but looked like dead people's money. it was scary.. they were big pieces of the existing currency. yuck..

but during the weekend i had a great dream bout Kimura Takuya.. hee hee.. he was looking for an English teacher and was holding interviews for the period when i went back to Singapore. he spoke to me in Jap and i could answer. Ryo was in my dream but he was so bored when i was talking to my idol he fell asleep on the couch. wahahaha.. it was a marvelous dream.. and i wish i could see KimuTaku at least once in real life when I'm here..

I realise better looking people do more often get wat they want as compared to others. not only from other guys or girls but just so that things happen. luck ? or just the self confidence ?


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