Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Headlines in the straits times today : Perfect 10 as SIA is best airline again

Again? Probably won't stay long though. Before i ever flew on SIA, I had been fantasising about my first flight. where there would be very sweet/sexy/helpful stewardesses. with games and movies galore on the flight. and good food too (at least better than other airlines)..

Turns out that after the first flight.. The fantasy fell from the sky. The flight was normal. The controls for the movies etc weren't that great and the games were boring. the food was only so-so too; I felt Thai airways was better. The stewardesses, not pretty, not helpful, it was the stewards that proved to be more helpful. All the girls did were to show black faces. When they weren't speaking to you.

The flight back from jApan was worse. Ryo's tv was spoilt. actually the controls were spoilt and he was pissed off for the whole ride. they didn't offer to upgrade him to first class, i had to speak to 3 stewardesses before someone would do something about it and the first one didn’t get back to me so I had to try really hard to get their attention and when the first one I asked walked past again, I tried to speak to her but all I got was her black face. Knn! And they were all so big sized! Not only tall, but big boned.. I felt intimidated rather than enjoy their services..

on the plane back from Singapore, I was thinking that I don’t wan to trade places with these stewardesses anymore. I guess when u’re young, these seem like the most glamourous jobs in the world where u got beauty and respect and money.. now I know that beauty part is not really true, all the stewardesses nowadays look normal; I don’t really respect them anymore, not after the lousy service and I would much rather be served than serve others; and now that I am probably earning more money than them, so I guess the money part has also lost its attraction.

Of course, this is just to say that I would rather be served than serve others, not that stewardesses are lousy people or anything, but probably they should do their job a little better since they chose to be in the service industry and I do want my country’s airline to do us proud. Ryo did not come back with a good impression of SIA and I was really embarrassed that he had to be subjected to such things on the airline we Singaporeans are so proud of.


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