Tuesday, July 26, 2005


just finished my laundry, got a new phone cos the damn nokia was not really working well anymore. it kept hanging.. haiz. stupid nokia. this time i settled for a cheap toshiba domestic phone.. but it was quite cool and very fun too.. will post up a picture tomorrow..

went to the doctor's finally yesterday for my tummy ache. apparently, the intestinal viral gastro-something is back again. had a case of panic attack 2 nights ago, on Sunday night, where there is a sudden intense feeling that something bad was going to happen and then I didnt dare to fall asleep for fear that i might die in my sleep or something. I have no idea why, but i jsut felt scared, with my heart beating fast and my mind wandering all over the place and me having no idea why. haiz.

been cooking udon myself these 2 days, think i better start eating right(and to save some money b4 the allowance comes, supposedly end of this week). work has been superbly boring these few days. because i had nothing to do. NOTHING to do. haiz. anyway.. i guess i better think of something to do tomorrow.


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