Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm back!

from singapore that is.

and this time i was very unwilling to come back to Japan.

Xiangqin was back too this time. The sixoneders' gathering for supper and dinner was great. it was like no one ever left, we still had so much to chat about. we still seemed to be still in JC, never growing up, all still making the same jokes, still as comfortable suaning one another, i hope this will never ever change. a pity i couldn't stay later with them, but i had so little time here, and i wanted to make the most of it. mahjong was fun, despite only me playing a round, but it was good enough just being there, laughing with them, being able to let go all pretenses in this group of friends who have been through thick and thin with you for more than 5 years. thx weilun for sending me back and all the rest who were driving us.

xinhuan came to fetch me at the airport and i really appreciated that. came with us to newton to eat, her engagement ring was really classy and she seems to be more mature yet still the same old xinhuan. sorry i couldn't be there for ur convo, but I'm sure you had a gd time with ur mom and kenneth too. at least we managed to catch up over supper le. realli missed seeing u and toking bout ur wedding stuff. haiz.

managed to eat almost everything i missed. chicken rice at far east, curry fish head, kway chup, mee siam for breakfast, my mom's kiam chye duck, sambal stingray, char kway teow, thai food at thai express, tom yam noodles at simply thai, pure choc ice blended at coffee bean, satay, and otar. yum. i think i grew heavier by at least 1 kg this time and i remembered to stock up on chilli sauce this time round.

met up with edwin too... yay.. brought ryo to drink with ed and his frens on thurs at o bar, it was really good to see him but pity he had frens there and we couldn't realli tok much. i was so tired that i was pretty tipsy after a few drinks and we left early since he had work too. i think he missed me for this half year too.. then met him b4 dinner with sixoneders on sat to shop and tok. hope to see u in dec winni... remember to save up hor.

watched war of the worlds with Ryo at PS. was surprised dad was willing to lend me the car. after almost 2 years of non-driving (after the accident), it felt good. the movie was great, pretty scary since it was quite realistic but the ending was too abrupt. suddenly all the aliens began dying and turns out it was due to bacteria. .....but it was gd.. haven't watched a proper movie in eons.. and afterwards i drove him to see NUS and then back.

went to grandma's house on Sunday and Ryo went to sightsee himself. he went to the museums and night safari and I'm glad he managed to, cos i was too busy settling my own things to have much time to take him around besides shopping. he enjoyed the night safari, surprisingly, and its a pity it was raining all week and we couldn't go sentosa at all. went to orchard everyday, to shop and i managed to get a manicure, pedicure and facial too. oh yah.. and grandma was so happy to see me she hugged me, which was something she nv did ever b4. I'm glad I went although i was thinking i had no time to at first.

things are suddenly so cheap in singapore. cos I'm shopping with the mentality if i dun buy there i have to buy in japan and so comparing the prices i have to buy in singapore. hahah.. so i bought like 3 pairs of shoes, a bunch of pants and blazers and shirts.

so many things have changed. the roads, the bus routes, the bus fares, the ezlink card designs, the buildings, even my stuff have been moved around and i can't find my things in their places in my room anymore. haiz.

stayed out until 3am everyday when i was back but only once was cos i went drinking. time just went by so fast.

teared at the airport when i had to leave. i guess this time I'll suffer from serious homesickness and miss my friends alot more. ooh and Harry Potter 7 is great!! finished it in singapore of cos.. but the ending was a letdown. draggy too in between. shitz..

I managed to catch the preview of NDP at padang (by accident) when i was walking to suntec. caught the fireworks at the esplanade and it totally made me feel the "I LOVE SINGAPORE!" spirit. i guess i'm a true singaporean at heart after all, despite the occasional grouses bout the government and the country.


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