Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The watch that boi boi gave me finally fell apart. Ok, actually the strap only. But to replace it, I would have to go all the way to the swatch place in Alexandra area. Which is so far away. And out of the way. But it’s still wearable. Can’t wait for work to end. Sooo sleepy today.

Yah I’m sorry my entries became kinda boring. Haiz. My brains are not really working these few days. Recap of weekend? Mm. Sat I had sushi. And I decided to take a risk and eat 馬刺し. Yes, horse meat sushi. It tasted like pork, but psychologically u just had this mental image of a horse. Argh. And the pony u rode when u were a kid. And my little pony in the cartoons. So overall, felt sick after eating it. Was mentally apologizing to the horse and all horses I’ve seen. Haiz.

And I managed to wear my Americaya shoes shopping! Surprised at myself. Of course it hurt like hell towards the end but I managed to wear it for bout 4 hours in a supermarket, to dinner etc. wow. I really prolly could wear 3 inch heels at the end of this stint. so i walked around carrefour in 3 inch heels feeling realli tall and adultish. in the end the main thing bought was mainly beverages and sunday's lunch. since i wasn't expecting to eat in much this week.

after that went to a used games/books store.. bought Kingdom Hearts for gBA at a price of only bout 2000yen. the original game is 4500yen i think? anyway, it was a used game, so reasonable price.. and bought a new set of comics, read but looks new.. school rumble . of cos its in Jap (^-^)

Sunday had laksa for lunch.. i must seriously get more of that mix, it gets better and better. peiling passed me her pack. and had 焼肉for dinner. thats like seoul garden (w/o the soup) not bbq pork. haha.. and then chilled out at starbucks. a very good weekend i should say. although it went by real quickly.

last nite had dinner with rob at The Beer Company. yupz. a huge selection of beer.i had a heineken and a crab pasta and we ordered some tortilla chips too.
this is rob btw.. doesnt look totally japanese right? he's from New York actually.. i guess where u're born does affect u.. haha


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