Sunday, July 03, 2005

its raining like its never ever going to stop now. very good day to sleep and I've finished watching a cinderella story. the soundtrack's good; Takuro was right. I don't know why, but my tastes lately have switched to chick flicks. they're heartwarming.. and i guess they just make me feel warm/teary inside. and i'm rewatching A walk to Remember. argh, i think I'm going to cry again.

I'm going to properly tidy up my room. with shelves. and proper places to keep stuff. this damn room has no storage space at all. i went to muji and bought myself a new pillow, storage containers and a shelf for the TV. later going to buy discounted bookshelves at the discount store. the bookshelves are only bout $10. super cheap. but looks gd enuff.

and bought a bottle of johnnie walker red label for like $15. heh.. enjoying bourbon coke by myself now. haha.. baileys is like only $20. is that cheap? so bored. argh.


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