Thursday, June 30, 2005

Blog time again heh. Have not uploaded the picts last night, really sorry bout it..

Last night accompanied Robert (The American Japanese guy) for dinner and we ate at a sushi restaurant. The sushi was great and since it was a set meal, bout 9 pieces of fresh sushi, all different and soup and chawanmushi. This is probably the first time I finished a whole bowl of egg. It was so delicious. There was prawn, mushroom and meat in the egg… heaven! And the sushi was all fresh seafood.. yum yum..

Rob has been treating me to all the meals together ever since we started hanging out.. I feel quite embarrassed actually.. thanks Takuro 様.. (his jap name) should take a picture and post it here to thank him hehe. But yah the first few times I tried to pay my share and he rejected and even pushed me out of the restaurants so that I wouldn’t see the price so I think it was quite embarrassing for him to take me offering to pay too.. so I stopped offering and just thanked him every time.. (^-^)

After that went to Yodobashi camera.. he wanted to buy an ipod and he in the end bought 30 GB colour hehe.. influenced by me .. points given to me too (^.^) spent the rest of the evening downloading songs on my comp cos his was only (still!) windows 98.. hiakz.. so had to wake up extra early to format his ipod and download the songs from my comp into it becos he was so eager to use it. (*.*)

Am currently reading the new book by Sophie Kinsella.. The Undomestic Goddess.. about a lawyer becoming a housekeeper.. its still super funny.. but I’m almost finished with it again. :S so fast!

Our pay will be late again this quarter. Sianz. She just mailed out the form only argh!

Dinner with Ryo tonight. I believe he will probably be late again. ;(


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