Saturday, June 25, 2005

in tokyo now!

so insanely happy.. reasons being
1. i visited disneyland today..

today was scorching. sunburnt a little.. ate chicken rice for dinner yesterday.. their char kway teow was surprisingly good.. and shopped at zara again. hehe.. can't help it, i just had to go there knowing i was so near.. was so tired when i reached the hotel i just dropped into bed and slept.

as usual, i didnt sleep well. had a horrid nitemare where i was being chased around by supposed friends who were trying to cut off my little finger with a scissors. just becos someone cut off theirs. for some form of punishment or something. it was creepy and i woke up in cold sweat. could hear the next room'S occupants having sex cos the woman was moaning really really loudly.. ...

then today went to disneyland .. hehe.. today was quite well-planned, except that we couldn't take photos with pooh again. ARGH!. but i took picts with tigger and madhatter. hehe.. gd enuff.. and goofy. well.. rode a few new rides i missed out the last time.. for a sat.. it was quite a few rides we managed to take.. will full describe again in the next entry..

will be going to tokyo tower tomorrow.. and also meguro parasitic museum.. and shibuya? and ginza prolly.. mm just shopping mainly .. i miss my room already though..


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