Thursday, June 16, 2005

woah. still at the office. today its realli becos of work. actually i had already finished my work at bout 6pm. i had oredi dug everywhere i could to find info on a damn company that was damn secretive and came up with a list le. then cos the list was so short, the guy replied that i didnt answer his questions and that how come i nv include this and that. i was quite furious that basically it implied that i didnt put in enuff effort cos i finished it so fast. KAOZ> then i came up with a explanation email to say that that was the only title they announced and kept emphasising that nothing had been announced. not that i dun wan to source for news articles but that there wasn't any! ... i guess he was convinced bah.. (cos he prolly couldn't find any himself hence passing the work to me) ..... dulanz. I'm efficient and I must declare that i dun do slipshod work!!


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