Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The temperature today is 29 degrees Celsius. But the humidity level is disgusting. I wore a halter and I was perspiring like mad (sweating like a pig comes to my mind but it sounds so filthy). Have to buy thinner clothes with sleeves that are acceptable at the office. Bleahz. I hate sleeves. And wat with the sweat stains and all. Yuck yuck.

This morning was horrible. In the crowded train, a man’s crotch was pressed against the side of my leg and I could feel his erection. !!!! YUCK!! But it was so crowded and I couldn’t even shift and had to bear with it for a full 20 minutes. YUCK! It was so traumatizing. After the guy left, I just felt relieved and blank at the same time. And then there was this woman with really big hair. It was damn crowded and couldn’t like smooth her hair out to not irritate other pple near heR?

It’ll be 5 months in 2 days and it already feels like I’ve been here forever.

Oh one more thing.. the women use the toilet like dinosaurs here. Or elephants. Lots of noise puling out tons of toilet paper. And the lots of noise doing dunno wat to the toilet seat. ARGH.


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