Thursday, June 02, 2005

today found alot of chances to help him out at work. there'S 2 new pple in our dept. one is like a superior, supposed to be the assistant to the boss in planning and stuff but i realise u dun feel respect for pple who suddenli comes in and becomes ur boss while he still doesn't know anything about the company. helped packed up the IR side for the new girl. she's a PR person, 30+ years old. and she's going to sit beside him. drats. wats wrong with him. haiz. heading a team full of pretty girls. its diff to see him speaking to them all day and ignoring me most of the day. argh.

i just feel uneasy bout men with moustaches. like Hitler. or the Japs in the WWII.

bored. wanted to go for body combat class but i was like 1 min late and the damn class started. crap. is it my fault i was stopped at the train crossing for 10 min?! the club is only 3 min away from the dorm. ,,,

how are u 61 pple. ?? i miss u guys. and this morning i was so stupid i dropped a lence down the sink! . haiz.


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