Sunday, May 29, 2005

symptoms of my worst nightmare are showing. i hope it isn't true, but if it comes true, I don't know wat I'm going to do this time. please don't let it be true...

on a lighter note..
i finally watched aliens vs predators. it was so-so. i cant stand shows that mutilate/eat humans and i tot it was great when they finally fought each other instead of us. (human race) a little funny actually, but its weird to know that the aliens were just a slave for the predators to hunt down. but their acid tails are really powerful tools. i would want something liddat too. oh there was a short movie on the dvd too, entitled "tru calling". the girl's name is Tru and she can hear voices from the dead. she works at the city morgue and she was supposed to save this girl by reliving the same day again and again until she's saved from being killed. the story's quite good actually, its like one of the episodes on x-files where gillian andersen relives her day again and again until she prevents a bank robbery. yikes. but Tru manages to save her bro from losing a game of cards and getting beaten up as well becos she has been through the day liaoz. so it wasn't just the dead (who isnt dead now) girl..


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