Sunday, May 22, 2005

ok this was supposed to be posted at 10.33pm of 21-May but i got sidetracked by laundry and all sorts of things and anyway..

I'm Back!

in osaka that is...

hiakz. abit corny or cheesy hor? but i never felt so relieved to be home . yupz. this place i actually call home now.

went to shibuya yesterday with kana-san and kamiya-san (pple who are bout 25 years old?) to do some proper shopping. Mango (MNG) is in Shibuya! was like "hey!! THere it is!" wanted to actually buy something from there but nothing really suited my taste. must find a bigger shop. went to the famed 109 building where it was supposed to be the Annex (in the heeren) all hip youth clothing and stuff. (is it the annex at the topmost of the heeren?? i can't remember!! ARGH!) it was 9 levels of it. with loud rap music and sales assistants with fake tans and bikini tops within their clothing.. and really thick mascara.. etc. totally typical of those tokyo fake angmoh wannabes in their 4 inch platform plastic heels. yuch. but all very polite. it was amusing to see kana-san askin one of them bout t-shirt sizes. like asking an an-beng to help u choose clothes in a store. one white one black. very weird.

the shinkansen ride back went fast. time went by super quick without me knowing why. my bag was like twice as heavy when i came back. but i didn't buy much in tokyo only 2 pieces of clothing and a Ps2 game. seriously still wandering where the weight is from. ...

home sweet home. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there! can u please tell me d' exact location of MNG by Mango shop in Shibuya. tnx

2:29 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...


5:33 pm GMT+8  

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