Saturday, May 14, 2005

thanks you guys for ur concern over my lonely post.. i guess its just sometimes u feel realli down in a country where everything is just so unfamiliar and foreign. dun worry, i'm fine now.. still sick but fine generally. maybe its just communication problems. soon everything will be fine i hope?

have decided to join a sports club 5 min frm my place to have a place to swim n work out. dun care if i lonely or wat, i must have a hot body and be able to wear 4 inch heels at the end of this stint. (besides being fluent in jap) :p

have tied up some clothes lines in my balcony to hang my towel and all. should have thought of it earlier, its really convenient. haven had a fresh smelling towel for months (except when its straight from the laundry).

my sundays no one wants to go out with me. these days. they keep telling me to ask my bf to go out with me instead. and i shouldn't treat them as substitutes. they feel better if i oredi have a date with my bf but broke it off to meet them rather than meet them only when my bf is not free. wat kind of mentality is that?

if i can survive on 20,000yen on food for the rest of the month on food, i can spend alot of money on clothes and travelling (after savings) yay!

time to cook lunch. should it be radish soup, radish fried with mushrooms? or radish with fish? haiz. tough decisions. (when ur cooking ability is limited.)


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