Monday, May 09, 2005

Now I’m deemed a very useful employee because of my language abilities. Translating Chinese documents, calling China, speaking to PRCs etc, (over the phone) these are things they totally can’t do. Heh.. the legal dept especially are appreciative of my help, cos contracts are such important documents and it’s a change from translating things into English. And when speaking Chinese, they don’t know whether I’m right or wrong, so it’s a relief from being scrutinized. Rather, its one of the few times they are amazed. Haha….

Have subscribed to the straits Times online cos I miss having Singapore news to read. This morning, I was being squashed in a crowded train and the song “where I belong” by Tanya Chua suddenly came on.. its on my ipod but I rarely hear it. The words all suddenly meant so much and it was a poignant moment where I wanted to sing out loudly the song and shove all the japs around me aside. I MISS SINGAPORE!!!! L the moment was lost when the train jerked and I almost fell down. But I swear, tears came to my eyes and the homesickness was just so overwhelming all of a sudden. This place is just too crowded and too many natural disasters and man-made disasters as well. Typhoons, derailments, earthquakes (too many of them, there was a show on tv last nite about animal behavior in earthquakes and it freaked me out. I walk around fearing I would die in an earthquake everyday. And now derailments too.)

Did I mention I bought a fridge? Its shiok being able to drink milk at night and milk tea in the morning b4 I leave. J bought a ton of groceries yesterday and its freaking expensive. $20 worth of groceries is like \5000 here. S$80! Its only at most 2 days worth of food lor. Very jialat. But also received the rice cooker yesterday. Woohoo! Cooked myself a rice with vege and soup dinner and had leftover soup and rice for breakfast today. YummY! haven’t had a real breakfast for so long. But I was still hungry at 10am. ….A waste of resources to feed me it is. (says the yoda) hehe..

My hair is split-ended again. I still dun understand how the top of my head’s hair can be so smooth and silky but the ends are like YUCK. Should I dye it again? Or just treatment? I am actually contemplating jet black. Getting bored of colours. And highlights make me look lian. (all the girls here look lian. I’m afraid of secondary sch girls cos they look so lian I’m actually scared that I might get beaten up for staring.) so perhaps, black is the way to go? Hmm..


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