Monday, May 02, 2005


finally found a thai restaurant! near my 寮(ryo)dorm somemore.. not spicy at all. but the taste was there. so happy!

yesterday stoned the day away, played pro baseball oN PS2, quite interesting. :) but it was a little draggy, cos there are like 10 games with 3 players out b4 changeover etc. u get the point.. anyway it was fun.. :)

and i got my pay today finallY!!

immediately withdrew money to pay debts. the bank was super crowded today. guess cos tomorrow is a non-working day again. did alot of chores today.. sent my parcel and letters off, bank book update and money withdrawal.. and sent my coat and jackets for drycleaning.. cleaned up my room? i think? oh.. bought another extension cord..had a steak dinner.. which was not bad but very ex, cos beef is rare in japan i guess.. rented some dvds to watch.. only to realise there were regional restrictions. darn! shall find someway around it..

tomorrow plan less.. should be stone in the room. proper clear up, and watch dvd. woohoo!


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