Wednesday, April 20, 2005

lunch time blogging again. no money to buy food. or rather I'm saving up to pay the bills this month. all becos the damn edB is late with our allowance. it is not our fault that the request form is late. why are they punishing us? why are they so inefficient? they have dragged our pay for 3 weeks. 3 freaking long weeks. this place where each meal costs $10 and where our rent is $400+ each and internet costs $150. now i noe that their interests only lie in themselves and the economy. i am freaking hungry right now. had only a cookie. can feel the fats floating out of me. and my sanity. woke up feeling very moody and depressed. and i still am in a foul mood with a throbbing headache. this worry about how to survive is killing me.


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