Sunday, April 10, 2005

have been working very hard this week. trying to get the trainees' pay and the damn boss keeps making things difficult for me by asking me difficult questions in jap. b4 he will sign the damn form. hey!! i dun owe u any money!! i need my pay so why are u so difficult? in the end, he realised that it was already late and that we could only get our money AFTeR EDB processes the money so he signed it out of pity. sighz. if only the other person could hurry up on wat she's doing.

been to see the cherry blossoms near our house as well. woke up very early on saturday and went to this place near my apt to see sakuras. the trees are along the whole river, i dun see why the big fuss is there bout seeing the flowers. I saw pple actually stay overnite just to have a gd spot. they are beautiful, but they're also just flowers. weird. anyway, have posted up pictures. enjoy the beautiful sakura. this year, it has been late, but finally they are in full bloom. enjoy..

Sakura along the river

how the sakura really looks like.

sakura flowers with the clear blue sky as background

reflected flowers

another species of Sakura


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