Monday, April 04, 2005

i haven't blogged in a few days i think. (i also think I'm losing my memory.. )

weekend went to sweets harbor, this place in kobe near the harbour. (hence the name) it was great. desserts galore. http://www.beeskiss.com
DELICIOUS! it was heaven... almost fainted when i had the first taste of the wonderful things there..

sat on the ferris wheel to see a view of Kobe and port island as well. Beautiful. I love ferris wheels. have sat on 2 since i've been here and it is a really wonderful feeling to be above looking down as if u are one of the stars in the sky. haiz.

finally april. can't wait for the money to be disbursed. been having a lot of up and down feelings lately. but i think things are looking up. things i have to buy:
1. TV
2. small fridge
3. maybe maybe a vacuum cleaner.
4. more games!
5. maybe a dvd player. else just more clothes and eat more. hehe..

oh places i must go..
1.Aichi - world expo. they're displaying the Mammoth they found in siberia Full-scale the real thing. wow. how many chances do u get to see that?!
2. Skiing. maybe this will have to wait to the end of the year.
3. to the bEACH! i'm getting so pale. haiz. and the cold. I'M SICK OF THE COLD!!
4. Tokyo. disneyland.

i guess this means just one thing - the first thing i have to do is save money. hahahahahah..


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