Thursday, March 31, 2005

blogger problems again.. tried to blog and couldnt log in... sianz..

finally its the end of the week! and tomorrow is the last day of japanese weekday lessons!! yay!!

apparently i need to take a level 2 test at the end of the lessons. have bought the trial papers to try.. cant expect me to pass since i haven't even learnt any of it yet.

am finally going to the movies tomorrow. super super looking forward to it. have been on a movie obsession these few days.. watching movies i watched before on my comp when i'm all alone makes me feel really really warm inside.. haved watched..
1. 13 going on 30 ("love is a battlefield"-jennifer garner as jenna rink)
2. Anger management ("i'm so pretty and witty and GAY!"-adam sandler as dave with the anger problem)
3. Love Actually ("you know as prime minister, i could always have him killed"- hugh grant as prime minister of britain)
4. Two weeks notice (cant remember any lines but hugh grant is just so delicious)

and been watching desperate housewives. dlded until episode 16 of the first season.. cant wait for the next episode. ARGH. why did maRy-Alice kill herself!?

went on a book buying spree too. was lonely and went to kino and couldnt help but buy "5 pple u meet in heaven" , "The Da Vinci Code" (for a fren's bday) n "howl's moving Castle" (it actually is an english book originally!) although i'm going to watch the movie tomorrow.. but still.. i miss having books to read..... was almost devouring the book on the train.

i'm off to cook my noodles..


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