Saturday, March 19, 2005

went to kobe and kyoto today. that is actually possible. haha.. kobe is 15 min away from my place and kyoto is an hour away from Kobe. assuming of cos u take the express train all the time. the good thing about japan trains is that they have the express trains. that skips the stations that are in towns with lesser people. so the journey becomes much faster. :)

anyway ..
kobe harbour is beautiful. a really big park, sea view, very chilly sea breeze and just serenity, a big change from the bustling city. could even see mount rokko from the park. Huge rolling mountains. haiz. majestic.

after that took a train for 1050yen. yah. haiz. to kyoto. and wandered around aimlessly looking for the light festival. it was so inaccessible. and cold. didn't really enjoy that. it was kind of dark and i was getting hungry.

in the end, only reached back here at bout midnite. jialatz. tired.


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