Friday, March 11, 2005

finally stomach flu ok. now i might be suffering from stomach ulcer though. i better watch wat i eat.

the weekend again and i did 2 dumb things this week.
1. permed my hair. (with Peiling)
2. rebonded it back. (with Peiling)


waste of money.

wanted just soft curls. i dunno how it became a frizzy perm. YUCK YUCKK YUCK! it was so ugly. after i washed it. It was HORRIBLE!!! now on hindsight, i should have just used a curling iron. wat the hell was a i thinking? had a dreadful week enduring questions and weird stares. or maybe i was just paranoid. but i felt great after i rebonded it tonite. peiling too. of cos we didn't return to thge original salon. this new one we practically had to beg them to rebond our hair as all the salons refused to do the time consuming job after 7pm. luckily, this Gold salon near our place took pity on us and our poor japanese and rebonded for us. a cute jap (duh) guy washed our hair, chatted with us, rebonded our hair and the stylist was so skilful. gave us really COol cuts, we look so jap now with a fringe and all. straight hair is still the best. hahahaha.

clearing my room. have received the second parcel from my family. Hawx sent me my fav canned food and laksa and tomyam soup mix. THANKS! i will only be eating after my stomach is cured though. so happy!! good hair is really impt to a girl's self-esteem... tomorrow was going to eat buffet but obviously, now i can't. for health reasons (my own and my bank account's). shall save money for the upcoming long weekend's touring instead..


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