Sunday, February 20, 2005

bought another game.. Puyo pop. its FUN! haha.. i like the puzzle bobble-type of games. very addictive.. yay... now i have 3 PSP games. Vampire Chronicles, Kollon, and Puyo Pop! aiming for Ridge Racer and Sangoku Musou. not cheap sia.. each game at least $30 .. can oni buy next game next month le.. oh i oso bought onimusha3 at a discount of 1800 Yen yesterday.. used my points.. so it was free? heh..

today went on a shopping spree. bought a new bag (Y1050), new top (Y525), new collared shirt from Gap (Y2900, abit bohua, this is ex).. and a pair of pants (Y1050)! very cheap desu.. went to Umeda's Fashion lobby, and Hep 5. the adidas shop is so cool! all the anniversary clothing.. oh yah.. and game with the Yodobashi points. and had YakiNiku for dinner! was very very delicious! although abit ex, 2790 Yen for 2 pple. not too filling though.. yum .. my aim is to try new thing / go new place every week..

tired.. heng tomorrow my superiors on business trip. i finally get a breather in the office to finish up on my homework. phew...


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