Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines' Day!

have had a studious day.. rushed out at 6+ to buy presents for our IC here in japan. she been very nice to us and we wanted to surprise her with a gift. but no one could decide wat to get her, in the end i suggested we each get a small thing and we all put the things together into a big boxso that she can open the box and receive a treasure of things that are more meaningful. :) ii idea desu ne.. いい idea ですね..

bought a new electreic dictionary. cos the rest of the class will be going to the R&D building tomorrow, and only i'm left in the main office. haiz. cannot share dict with HS le.. so have to buy a new one. aniway.. the new one has chinese too and is half the size of the old one. cool sia.. but more expensive of cos.

prepared my parcel for my family members as well. hope they enjoy it. Vday is a big thing here in japan, the dept stores are in a chocolate frenzy. the chocolates are beautifully packaged as well. u drool and feel faint just walking around in the basement level of the dept store with the crowd and the heat and the chocolatey delicious smell wafting into ur nostrils.

i'm making myself hungry again haha. lvl3 test tomorrow when the syllabus isn't even half completed. good luck to us.


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