Thursday, February 03, 2005

been quite busy, mainly with jap hw.

been falling asleep after at the end of jap lesson these few days, not a gd sign. i dun wan to be that girl! ... still waiting for my parcel, they confiscated my ba kwa at the customs. stupid.. i'm sure they just wanted to eat it for themselves. grr.. and they tot it was beef.. rubbish sia.. told my parents and in the end we decided to just leave that at the customs and ask them forward the rest of the stuff.. argh... chilli..

i'm a little worried i might just get fat this winter. i was so hungry i ate 2 sobas at dinner last nite. and then 2 cream puffs from beard papa. then at lunch this afternoon pasta and another main course of pork. and dinner was rice and noodles. both full servings. i can't help it... its cold..

have a jap presentation on monday. argh. and have to do a powerpoint in jap as well. sianz.


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