Thursday, January 20, 2005


today was known as the tai-han no hi.. which means the coldest day of the year. it really was cold. despite wearing 2 t-shirts, a jacket and and a ski jacket, i could feel the cold winds down to my bones. freezing, my teeth chattered all the way home (except in the heated trains) and i was wearing gloves too. and there were still girls in short skirts walking around. how do they do it!? maybe next winter i can. but not yet.

finally no hw from jap class today. have to revise wat i learnt i suppose. but still trying to gather data for my market report assignment. there is actually a possibility of Capcom sending us packing home should our performance be not up to expectations at every 3 month review. very worried..

i'm also getting very irritated by 2 pple in the group. one is damn naggy, tok veri loudly, always make negative remarks bout pple should they say anithing. veri aunty. and worries bout every single thing. granted she prolly haven't stayed abroad b4 but me neither and i really dun worry myself sick wondering if i can withdraw money from the post office's atm. today she even wanted an estimate of how much transport would cost tomolo for the Kyoto outing and i was like thinking "DUH!". pretended not to hear and went off b4 she could nag somemore. how can she be 2 years older than me n can't think for herself at all?! and the other one always ask dumb questions at the corporate seminar sessions. waste time asking things that is really trivial and commonsensical. dread seeing them open their mouths. but then, i just keep quiet bout my irritation cos we have to depend on one another thruout these 18 months anyway.

the guys and i get along fine, cos i'm the most adventurous one to want to go out and explore the country every chance i get. very exciting to be in a new place without parents and i think i really must use this chance properly to see wat i can of the world. love just wandering around n then consulting maps to find my way when i get lost. the rest of the pple are like stuck in the safe mentality dun wan to go aniwhere new kind of mindset. which is veri sianz. oh well. as long as i enjoy myself here.


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