Wednesday, January 05, 2005

i'm such a klutz. i managed to slip and fall outside funan (cos of my heels). at the exact same spot that i fell down before. except that this time i fell much harder and actually sat down for a while unable to move cos it hurt to do anything. damn funan, can't they make the floor rougher!? landed on my palm actually so it hurt to hold anything for a while. :(

have managed to pack my samsonite to the brim and i have sealed it for gd. definitely can't open it else it definitely will burst.

citibank really sux. today they sent me a letter telling me the supp card application was cancelled becos they need original copies of my IC or wat. i was like "wat the hell!?" at the bank, they told us no need anithing, just mail the form in. on the phone, they delayed the application cos they needed a photocopy of the IC. ok, i faxed that in. delay one whole week no news, now then they tell me it was too dark etc. WAT RUBBISH! was very pissed off with the bank. luckily, today i opened an account with HSBC today. reasonable rates of $500 to open an acc with $2k to maintain it. even have a branch in Chuo Ku in osaka, where the Capcom building was. so it was quite convenient should i need spare cash. can't be bothered with the stupid Citibank application any more. i should have known from my exp with them that they can nv be efficient.


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