Tuesday, December 28, 2004

jap again yesterday.. i'm so worried i can't catch up!! esp now its so near the date of departure.. better go study the darn vocab.. :S

citibank is not very gd for their customer svc oso i realised. banks say one thing, hotline says another. don't know which to trust, so in the end faxed the form to the credit card side with a letter. now i understand why the starhub customers always fax, write and call in, cos the info they get is so ambiguous!! ...

capcom sent us a list of wat our monthly expenses would be like. we had to pay for a commuter pass for S$250 monthlY! and medical insurance etc. so .. our first time cost would be bout S$2369.92~! *Sobz* so much money..... it is damn ex to stay there man.. and apparently there were supposed to be 9 of us, another girl, she actually withdrew at the start citing bf not happy, family oso, all that kind of thing. !! its NUTS to give up this opportunity man...


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