Thursday, December 23, 2004

saw ed today.. passed him his bday cum Xmas present.. a copy of The Da Vinci Code! Hehe.. i was going to lend him the book originally, but its really difficult to meet up with him, and i tot to leave a book with him i might prolly nv get it back again, so just gave him this wonderful book as a present. :) the system he's stuck in sounds really tough.. another shitty place where u have to be watching your back all the time. hope all goes well..

jap today was fun. learnt more. than usual. hmm. but when i tok to the other sensei, she stares at me so intently that i blank out and everything literally just flies out of my head so that i dun understand a word she's saying.

i'll be staying in Hiraki-Machi, also known as Hirakicho.. its really near a baseball stadium and near the sea as well. so it means more snow and lotsa atmosphere.. yAY!

suddenly feeling that i have not much time left. just picked my sis up from the airport. she's back from Cambodia. so fast. 18 days gone by le. b4 u pple know it, i'll be back le. 18 months will also go by in a flash..


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