Sunday, December 19, 2004

on saturday, studied jap at home.. set up the new webcam.. and it was clear! so.. my conclusion is creative webcam is better than logitech, having tried both. took a 2 hour nap.. studying is a boring thing to do.. and then went for dinner with my parents. another tiff, my mom gets agitated and offended very easily. oh well. just a few more weeks to tolerate her unreasonable behaviour. so in the end, dinner was just me and my sis talking to each other and our parents pointedly showing black faces and ignoring us.

after that went to Harry's @ Esplanade for Yangtai's bday celebration. did not know so many people turned up. he must be a very popular guy.. took some pictures, will be posting up on the photolog soon. so we had beer.. until bout 2am? quite a gd place with a live band to chill.

Sunday morning.. hp told me that funan got some mega sale, woke me @ 8+ to go queue for the HP IPAQ rz1710 for $50. its quite worth it i suppose, and me and his bro managed to get one each. we queued from 9-2, there were kiasu singaporeans who were there the nite b4 already. man... while waiting, bought a FIR cd.. only $10 so i tot it was darn worth it. see.. i do support originals.. must be priced correctly wor.. the songs are good.. :)

WJ happend to be in suntec so after the queueing up, met up with him for lunch. treated him to Ajisen ramen since i still owed him some money. we walked around looking for PDA and we realised PSP is only S$400 in japan. woohOO! anione wan to buy through me? apparently singapore sells it for >$700.

my legs were hurting quite badly, walked ard looking for a best price for his LOTR extended dvd set.. which cost bout $70. !! so ex!! but everywhere was either sold out or too ex.. in the end i had to meet up with the cApcom pple so didn't buy..

we toked crap awhile and in the end decided we could buy everything ourself there. no need to ask them buy for us. cheaper oso, since we have the choice to buy wat we want.

finally home.. pls send me links for software i can use on my pocket PC.. :)


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