Friday, December 10, 2004

went shopping with WJ & Irene today.. Val joined us later on. Our original intention was to get esther her bday present, in the end, i bought myself a pair of Levi's 577 with my CK Tangs Vouchers and a Nici bear that resembled Rudolpho with my Taka Voucher.. :P so only spent money on food today.. :)

after that dinner with Ray at Marche. that idiotic boy met me for barely an hour had to rush off back home to open the door for his housemate cos he lost his housemate's key. ..... apparently he had made arrangements to meet other frens after he reached home so he didn't hang ard with me. one thing i can't stand is pple making arrangements to meet other pple immediately after meeting me for a short while. liddat why waste my time!? feeling abit pissed to be going home so early. oh well.. i still have my playstation to keep me company.. :(

aside, congrats to Andy Lau for bagging a Golden HOrse Award!


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