Thursday, December 09, 2004

been a good girl these past 2 days and making my way down to my dad's ulu office to help him out. something wrong with the numbers apparently, he's supposed to be making a profit but the expenses that came out from his system is way too high so i'm supposed to check everything for him. despite waking up at 11am everyday, i manage to reach the office b4 1pm and then crunching at least 2 months of numbers out.

the guys jio-ed me to watch The Incredibles but already watched it. anyway, i dun mind watching it again but the timing wasn't right. met them for dinner and bought a book to read on the train. have finished it already actually, its "The Curious Incident" by Mike Haddon. Its sorta like Rainman, bout a boy who sort of suffers from autism, but is actually a mathematical genius. the story is interspersed with maths and physics and logical anecdotes and facts which makes it a pretty interesting read as it forces u to think. the author was gd, managed to force out a whole bunch of emotions in me. but u have to read the book. its gd.


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