Wednesday, December 01, 2004

i've actually been trying to blog since yesterday but there was a scare and nearly all my blog entries disappeared so i'm only trying again today..

yesterday.. last day of both work and jap lessons. at the office, irene brought the Fuji polaroid instax camera and we took really cute polaroids of me and them. haiz. its really fun, i feel like buying one too! so convenient, take and can see photo immediately, but disadvantage is that must take 10 times if there 10 pple in the photo so that all 10 people can get to keep a copy of the photo..

just watched Bridget Jones Diary 2.. its hilarious! i actually saw a bad review b4 i went and was quite apprehensive bout watching it but it wasn't as wat the review said.. witty dialogue, alot of dry english sarcastic humour that needs some brains to understand so maybe that reviewer erm.. not that brainy? although this time, Hugh Grant aka Daniel Cleaver really appeared to be a sleazeball from the way he kept trying to seduce Bridget. but i think Renee Zellweger overdid her weight, she was a little frumpy, not like in the first movie, she was chubby in a cute way.. anyway, go read the novel as well.. its really very funny..


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