Monday, November 15, 2004

something scary happened in the office today.

one of the guys A and one of the girls B played a not at all funny prank on this other guy C who's part of our clique.. A is kinda sissy which made the whole thing alot worse. A stuck his butt in C's face under the instruction of B. C was not amused. in fact, becos he didn't like A in the first place much, this action triggered a chain of homophobic feelings in C. C got up from his seat, shouted a chain of vulgarities at A, which included ah gua and CB, and was on the verge of hitting A right in the office. luckily, some of the other guys pulled him away from A b4 he did anithing wrong. we were shocked, to say the least. since most of us didn't see the prank, we couldn't tell who was right and who was wrong. but the whole atmosphere was all tense and awkward after that.. no one dared to really find out wat happened as well. ed ventured to ask B wat realli happened and she didn't think that that prank would have such a huge effect on C. haiz, it was a weird day today. another guy had some problems, didn't look very happy as well, and left in the middle of work.

finally ended work early today and i went shopping at bugis. bought some shampoo and conditioner from sasa, am determined to keep my hair in the super smooth condition and not let the treatment go to waste.. bought lotsa tidbits to bring to work as well, can share with my frens!

ok.. time to sleep again.. another work day tomolo.. finally its half a month gone..


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