Tuesday, November 09, 2004

half day work today and i was off to meet xinhuan in the arts canteen in NUs for lunch.. once again, tons to catch up on... and she was toking bout how she might have her ROM next year.. and then we realised that i wasn't going to be here. i almost started crying and i was telling her to postpone it.. she said she would sponsor my air tix for me to be present but wat if i wasn't allowed to fly back!? OMG>.. she was totally shocked that i really wanted to cry.. but seriously, i'll be missing so many things so many birthdays so many festive holidays, i even have to miss my best fren's ROM? BOOHOOOOOO......

it helps a little that many pple have said they would be visiting, (cos i'll be providing free accomodation..:S) but still... haiz.. the pple that i want to visit me most can't visit.

had a haircut today with all the treatment and stuff.. hair's really soft now.. but dunno how long it will last...


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