Saturday, October 30, 2004

just got back home.. went to collect a registered mail from Capcom today and it basically contained the schedule, the business strategy, some information about the program etc. I was shocked to see that the program was going to begin in Japan in mid-dec.. I'm so not ready!!!

originally i tot that i had until end dec, so i could stop working in starhub end nov and so on, but it turns out i now have 2 weeks less than i tot, so maybe i have to stop working in another 2 weeks.. else i have no time to spend with my family and friends and to prepare for the trip.

i was thinking bout last sunday, when i was playing naruto with the guys at zhiwen's place. after i was getting tired of playing, i was lying on the bed reading comics while the guys carried on their rowdy activities all around me. occasionally, i would be shouting excitedly cos of wat i was reading (I'm a noisy reader) and someone would poke me cos i was easy target. when i complained my back was aching, someone passed me a pillow almost immediately. i was so lucky to have these people as frens. At that moment, i just wanted to freeze time and let everything stay that way, where everyone was carefree and that would be a mental picture i wanted of the guys and me. been frens for almost 6 years now, i hope things would stay as close knit as they are now when i come back.

its a terrible fight at work for tables. not enuff tables to go around, people are having to first come first snatch. today we were all breathtakingly awaiting the reaction of our resident shouter and whiner when she came to work late to realise her usual seat had been taken. unfortunately, it was disappointing when she just showed a black face and took her things and stomped off to another desk. perhaps she only shouted at guys. i haven seen her in action yet, but its all hearsay. i have yet to actually meet someone who shouts at other people in the office for such things, wonder if it really is true. i hope not... cos that would really mean she's a terrible person.. yikes.. :P


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