Saturday, October 16, 2004

yupz, i'm still home, with a whole weekend free all cos i'm sick. apparently, u can't dive with ur respiratory system all clogged up cos it might cause lung overexpansion. and burst of cos. .. its better to be safe than sorry.

went jap lesson, after that hp met me. we haven't seen each other at all this week.. went to his place so that he can drive me back, in the end i fell asleep and only managed to wake up at 1am. it was a great nap, the kind that was dreamless and u can close ur eyes and black out immediately even if u wake up in between. i haven't had this kind of sleep in a long while. the nite b4, i dreamt that someone was spraying water at me from a hose. and i spent the whole dream trying to escape the person. TIRING!! and last night i kept dreaming of phones ringing.. seems like a job stress-related dream.. & obviously, that wasn't very restful sleep as well.

i've been meeting all sorts of weird people on the bus to work in the mornings recently. there was this auntie who was carrying a sign and shouting in the bus to complain bout some man who owes her rent. she actually purposefully changes bus and gets on the mrt to shout at people. luckily, i wasn't her target audience. she was stupid enuff to get into a near empty bus which only had me and another school boy and she just ranted at the bus drivers for a while. hiakz.. then today, there was this old man who kept coughing loudly into his towel and shouting at people who tried to sit near him that he was having fever and they should stay away. it's gd that he's so considerate, but he seemed crazed to me. and to everyone else, especially disgusting that he was coughing so much. yuck..

i'm actually grateful for customers who call in to ask me how to do things. explaining things to them actually makes time pass faster, like yesterday i was teaching this lady how to set hte parental lock function on their set-top box. it took me a whole half hour! haha.. and the worst people to encounter are secretaries.. they talk very rudely, in a very demanding and demeaning tone to us. i hate it when they talk thru their nose to me, excuse me, who's the idiot who can't understand a simple bill in the first place?? ..

that's all for my ranting today. :P


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