Sunday, October 10, 2004

yesterday ..

was at work the whole day..
first call was an irate customer at stupid ESPN cricket. i agree with him, but he shouldn't take it out on me. and it was worse trying to understand him thru his thick indian acccent. ... i didn't have anithing to eat the whole, cos i didn't noe that all the canteens were closed so early on sat. in the end, asked ray to eat dinner with me at holland v since i had to call him for the diving details as well. he was really cool bout it, just ok on the phone since he had no one to eat with oso i suppose..

we had thai express at holland v (Finally!) .. and it was quite a gd dinner.. both of us were famished, and all the food we ate were quite delicious.. after that, he suggested dessert at NYDC, and we had grandma-goes-nuts mudpie. YUM@! he treated me of cos.. hehe..

after that on the way back, met hp halfway and we dapaoed supper to my place.. i was too tired to tok to him much, just fell asleep wif my head on his tummy on the couch after he sat down to watch tv. haiz.


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