Wednesday, September 29, 2004

abit pissed off. read some things that i shouldn't but i'll let it pass. and all the while pretending that he didn't noe. i shall be so stupid to say anithing bout her to him next time. he totally been in contact with her and STILL complaining me to her. thanks u. i see u so little le yet u can still find something to complain about. i noe wat to do now.

happy at the sixoneders! they bought me pair of nike sneakers.. lazy to find picts but its kinda sweet, cream with dirty green laces and pink tick. it sounds like it doesn't match but it does. it looks really good!! (ok it sounds like i'm trying to convince myself here.. :P)

off day tomolo, crammed with interview, tuitions and facial. haiz. all alone of cos, hope it'll do me some good.


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