Monday, September 27, 2004

finally answered calls today.. now waiting for bus to go home.. bah.. boring and cold place.. tomolo i have no plans.. NO PLANS!! so sad...

now i'm blogging in hp's shop at funan.. came here to wait for him to knock off cos didn't feel like going home so early. not a gd day.

had a quick snack of waffles with ed b4 i came over since i had so much time to spare.. the one at raffles city was quite gd :)

prediction came true, chain of events happened as per usual. begins a few weeks b4 my bday and ends just on my bday or the day b4. its very sad... i foresaw it coming, but why always to me>? i didn't do anithing wrong, i just wanna make everyone happy. why me? haiz. i just wanna be happy too. y CAN't i be the happy one for once? haiz.

i dun wanna make anyone feel bad. i just wan everyone to be happy. haiz.


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