Tuesday, September 21, 2004

had dinner at genghis khan at taka.. although i didn't eat until i felt pukish, but i felt it was worth it. maybe cos it was my breakfast, lunch and dinner today. had 4 gigantic oysters (diameter 12cm) .. i stopped taking more cos i was getting abit sick of the taste. 2 bowls of sharks' fin, many pieces of abalone, and teppenyaki too. all the good food basically.. :) of cos i went with hp, since it was his off day today.. but we were both so tired from work..

i'm so sick of having to rush from work to tuition everyday. its just a few weeks more but still.. its very draining. mentally.

also, the jobs all come in at the wrong time. agilent tech called me this morning to ask me to go for an interview again. when i finally have another job. with a contract. DAMN! that time didn't even get back to me. i'm quite disgusted. haiz. but its definitely better paying than this.

tired. nitey.


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