Wednesday, September 15, 2004

scored highest in the group for the pdt knowledge test yesterday :P muahaha.. but today was quite sian, kept falling asleep. so cold some more.. have SOP test tomolo :( at least tomorrow will be looking at the systems.. not so bad..

went for nokia training after that, it was quite boring today, just had the old promoters present the phones. and then it turns out i'm supposed to have an on the job training next weekend, but i have to work my shift work in starhub le, so pushed it forward to this sat instead.. so this sat, 1-6pm, i'll be working in Century Square for Nokia... booooo... but at least thats for $10.50per hour.. ;)

had supper with jon and tim, told them a disgustingly (pukish type of disgusting) but it was hilarious to me, and i couldn't stop laughing... :P tim drove us back home (thanks!) and we went up to the haunted hillview house to take a look outside that morbid place. YUCKY!!! eerie and super dark with barb wired high fences.. tim said he went in b4 and it was a gothic place and half renovated?! hmm... maybe something happened to scare the workers off...

now have to study, do my tuition kid's maths and bathe le... Yikes...


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