Wednesday, September 08, 2004

i just had the best sex ever!!!!

just joking.

but it definitely was one of the best days i've had. taught the HTML class this morning, turns out the students were only informed of it yesterday so only one girl was able to make it. she was actually a hwachong student (dunno why the stupid course was conducted in NJC) and oso from Nanyang, so effectively, i'm her senior (or grand grand grand grand grand senior? ) .. anyway, she's quite cute, so the class was alot of fun.

however, having to wake up so early in the morning wasn't gd for my health. i had forgotten to bring my handphone out. :S and the other phone i had brought was low in battery life le. so after the class, rushed home to take the phone, rushed out and then hawx called to tell me he still in school. ........ doh.

on the bus, EDB FINALLY CALLED!!!! (EDB stands for economic development board for the acronym-morons) they called me, or should i say the lady in charge called me. i was totally holding my breath when she said, "Hi, I'm Wendy from EDB..." i was thinking, "omg, omg, this is it, they're calling to tell me to reject me" and in some part of me, there was a tiny relief that there was closure. BUT.. she actually called to tell me CAPCOM would be calling me to arrange for a final interview! WOOOHOOOO!!! although i had actually tot that the last interview i went to was the final one. but anyway.. WOOHOOOOO!!! (all the woohoos are actually in my head, not aloud) but then, i had to be kpo and asked how many were going to the final interview and she told me 8. EIGHT>!? then how many were they choosing?? "Two. " OMG.... 25% chance.. i'm a little demoralised le. but, since this is like no other opportunity, i will be perservering to make sure i get it. by hook or by crook. please pray, hope, wish (?) me good luck.

after that phone call, i was so happy i couldn't stop smiling. the whole day. am still smiling in fact. HEE HEE!!! :)

the movie was mediocre, but due to my increased euphoria, i'll say i enjoyed it pretty much. especially since i was wearing my new MNG jacket. lots of exciting car and chase scenes and bourne's spy/killer skills manages to wow us all.. hohoho...

met jon for dinner at thai express holland v since i had an intense craving for tOm Yam soup. the clear super sour super spicy tom yam soup. but after that had to rush to my aunt's place to help her install her comp (holland to sembawang takes an hour + by public transport). helped my cousin get thru his xbox stage, and installed some software for them besides teaching them how to use Nero.

after that, hp came to fetch me home, but we detoured to have supper/dinner instead. its his off day tomolo .. yay!

i'm still feeling abit on the clouds; do forgive me for blabbering..


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