Thursday, September 02, 2004

finally hp had an off day yesterday..

we had decided to watch alien vs predator the nite b4 but he came to my place pretty late, and my sis commented that her fren gave it a bad review so we decided to scrap the idea. he bought nuggets from Macs, and we shared it while reading the news bout the MRT accidents. wat really happened?? hmm.. this must be the worst day for SMRT ever.. and also the news bout Susilo and Li jiawei getting married.. me driving obvious hints to him "WAH! she's oni 22 and he's oni 24!! " .. but sad to say... he wasn't amused .. :(

after that.. we just lazed around and he took a nap.. haiz.. i feel bad that he doesn't have a proper rest day at all, but i can't not see him until like 2 weeks later rite? hmm..

after he woke up, we decided to go jurong west for the fish head but it was closed!! ... so suay, its their off day! .. in the end, we ate at jurong point.. the fish head there is not as good.. but not bad lah.. then had to rush off for tuition le.. haiz.. i hate it when we have to cut our day short.. but he was so sweet at the end of it, kept giving me little kisses in the MRT.. he isn't usually liddat though.. weird..

after tuition tried to walk back home via the the new terrace houses but it didn't link to bukit timah at all!! .. took a cab back in the end. DUH...


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