Friday, August 27, 2004

yikes. i caught the flu bug.. :(

anyway, turns out that so many people i noe went comex yesterday at the same time i did but i only managed to see one (not counting the pple working there).. and the person i met was the most unexpected person i had tot i would meet.. he doesn't need to work meh? weird.. and is the girl the same one i saw at orchard with him as well? hmm.. *switching into gossip mode*.. i hope she noes wat he's really like.. ? hahaha..

b4 i fell asleep last nite, my tots inadvertently turned to my past bfs. was thinking bout wat went wrong with each of the relationships and when it came to jx, i couldn't help it but started feeling pissed off again. Is it actually normal? its been nearly a whole year, and i still manage to feel anger (thats quite intense) whenever the thought of him pops up.. maybe its becos we nv properly ended things and met up after that to go on to the remaining frens part. he said we were frens still but i haven seen ani sign of it at all and i hate such hypocrites. I tot about the rest of the guys, and i realised it was only him that didn't keep in touch. as in, the rest, we could still amicably chat online, can even meet up for coffee, that realli we would actually make an effort to catch up on each others' lives, but for him, he didn't bother to wan to remain real frens at all. so i guess thats wat i'm angry at him for still. i've of course gotten over him.. but i'm angry at pple who dun keep promises or reciprocate frenship when they're supposed to be frens? wat a jerk.


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