Wednesday, August 25, 2004

my sis dragged me out of bed this morning to go for the biotherm skin consultation session in SMU. turns out.. the skin consultation is like a one-minute thing (my skin has super low hydration level by the way).. the whole of the next hour was spent queueing up for a free makeover :P and the makeover took like 40 min? now i noe why some girls take so long to dress up.. aniway.. in the end, i look quite ok.. abit over done on the eyes, not suitable for daywear again heh..

check out the blue eyes.. hehe.. this pict makes me look like i'm in the sea or something..

not bad, got a free sample pouch package from them, and i bought makeup brushes for $20 for a set of 5.. very worth it.. :)

we had a training session for the Nokia promoters in the evening.. I think I'll enjoy working with the other people :)


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