Tuesday, August 24, 2004

went for Nokia promoter interview at the last min cos i needed the cash.. i think i got in, but it depends.. on whether the lady liked me.. wasn't much of an interview, she toked bout the job and looked at my form (with impressive roadshow experiences) and then took my pict. weird kinda interview..

caught The Collateral with hp at PS. (Neil Humphreys was right, s'pore is really the land of acronyms) it was good.. not gory hitman action but more of a psychological type of movie. I can't put a category to it; its not really a thriller, there wasn't like alot of actions or stunts, but quite a fair bit of the movie focused on how the cab driver interacted with the hitman and the insights of life they gleaned from each other. the ending was sort of a twist, but the final final ending was quite disappointing. predictable, in some sense. but i enjoyed the movie.. lived up to my expectations.. i'm more of a plot person, sucker for witty lines rather than all action and lame talk.

oh, coincidentally, Joanne Peh (miss universe finalist) was in the same theatre watching the same show with a guy, probably her boyfriend (since he was hugging her in the lift after the show..) .. in singapore a celebrity really can't have much private life since there aren't many places to hide with ur other half... my advice to these pple would be just to come clean and admit it, at least pple won't gossip bout news u're not hiding.. (it won't be worth gossiping about if you told us about it urself rite?)


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