Sunday, August 15, 2004

this must be the longest i haven't blogged for.

nothing much has happened, save for the final fireworks display. it's beautiful.. and marks the end of this year's national day celebrations.. I feel kind of sad that i didn't get to watch NDP. nor the prime minister handover ceremony. all historical events. haiz. I realise I'm fiercely patriotic. I'll actually get angry at pple who keep talking bout other countries that are better etc etc. why dun you leave if you dun like it here so much? our education system is globally renowned, ignoring the stress and all, and in which country is it actually safe to walk anywhere anytime without having to watch out for muggers and murderers?

I was watching the multi-cultural performance at the SMU convocation ceremony yesterday and it actually brought tears to my eyes. Well, partly it was cos my contacts were very dry, but more importantly, it was also i was feeling very proud to be Singaporean. that our country has such a rich diversity of traditions and cultures and yet losing none of it along all these years of nation-building and industrialisation.

When minister of Env Lim Swee Say gave his speech in the half broken english tone typical of the older ministers, i cringed at first, but got drawn into his story when he spoke of grassroots problems. Everyday life that related to most people. And his joke was funny. :) it was met with resounding applause, cos it was just so singaporean. about how he mistook mashed potatoes for ice cream as a homesick undergrad in UK some 31 years ago. after him, Mr Ho Kwon Ping, chairman of SMU, gave his speech. but he made me cringe even more. he was speaking with a American accent. and he used alot of big words in his speech. a huge contrast to Mr Lim, and not really in a good way. i would just say that i felt uncomfortable listening to him. good english is one thing, but to hear an american accent from someone so distinctly singaporean as a public figure was disappointing. just some personal opinions. but the tribute video by the students to professor Ronald Frank was touching. Apt music, touching subtitles, nolstagic pictures. although i dunno him, if the video was for me, I would be crying at the end of it.


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